Google Chrome OS Review.

When Google Chrome was first announced I post this question: What do tou expect from Google Chrome OS?

Yesterday, Google show up this operating system here’s my [pic] review from the YouTube video: Google Chrome OS Demo

The good thing is that, after several years, a new operating system with a different user experience is shown. The not so good thing ( I don’t know how to describe it ) is that the whole new UI is the browser it self!!! Is not that I don’t like that, but since I’ve been using the browser for a while, I don’t have the “aha!!” feeling when seeing something new ( I have mixed feelings about this, but good ones )

The OS boots in about 7 seconds. They will work to reduce the boot time.

7s to boot

Login window in 7s to boot

As I expected, they Window system is completely new, what I didn’t expect was the browser it self is the window system. MMhh I don’t know I guess we will have to get use to it.

Chrome OS UI

Chrome OS UI

The applications are located in the left most tab: The app menu

The app menu
The app menu

For instance this is how the “Notepad” application looks like when launched:

Notepad app

So, the new apps are launched in panels, as I expected also, the notes in this notepad are stored in google docs.

What it you want to listen to music, this is how it would be done.

You’ll search in in the internet and to play it a new panel will be shown:
Playing music

What I didn’t have idea was, if the chrome would be the window system, how would it look like to change from browser to browser ( because you may have different browser windows opened )

Here it is, they call it the “All view mode”

Changing the active window
alt text
Changing the active window in the “All view mode”

Of course you will be able to see the contents of external devices such as USB or external cameras:

USB Content

Opening an excel file without MS-Excel?

alt text

Could be done either through Google Docs OR, use MS Live, because after all it is a webapp.

Excel opened in Windows Live
Windows Live is just another webapp

And so on. For instance, if you plug your camera this is how you would be able to see a photo or a video stored there:
Video & Photo from external device
Video & Photo from external device

Many of this is going to change in the future, this is just the first glance.

The exciting about all this is that a new way of working in the web is showing. Let see what the future has for us.


The question part of this:

Is this what you expected?, What you dont’ like about it? What do you think about it?


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